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Thread: '95 Phazer Suspension Help

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    Question '95 Phazer Suspension Help

    I recently bought a '95 Phazer II that seems to be in good shape, but the suspension could use a little help. I am really green when it comes to snowmachines (especially suspension parts), so please bear with me. The suspension seems really soft -- if I bounce/stand on the back it will bottom out. (I weigh 170 pounds.) The suspension will rebound, but it takes it a little bit to get all the way up. Does anybody have any advice on how to stiffen this up? It has a large coil-type spring, can this be adjusted? Maybe the shocks need to be rebuilt? Anybody have any ideas? I appreciate any advice!


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    If you can bottom it out by simply jumping on it, the shocks are shot and need to be rebuilt/replaced. If fixing that problem doesn't stiffen the machine to your satisfaction, you will need to look into getting new springs (suspension springs, not on the shock). I'm not sure about the Phazers, but most machines have an option of different weight springs as well.

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    Ok you have a twelve year old sled. If the engine runs well then you are off to a great start. Now with the money you saved on getting the machine, replace all of the shocks and springs. Phazers are tough sleds, but if you don't fix the suspension you are in for a hurtin ride. A full replacement on all suspension parts will run from 200 to 500. just shop around.

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    Thanks a lot for the help, guys. I have two new shocks ordered (Rear shock and the Center shock) and I just got done pulling the shock assemblies out of the machine. The front (aka center) shock was a breeze. I have the rear shock assembly, with the cross shaft and two idler wheels, all removed and I removed all 4 snap rings from the idler wheels. After removing the snap rings I thought the assembly would come right apart, but it doesn't. How do I pull the idler wheels off so I can remove the shock from the shaft? Do I need a gear puller? Are these wheels pressed onto the shaft, or how will I re-install them?

    Thanks again!

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    170# bouncing on the rear bumper is a lot of force. Or were you bouncing in the normal riding position?

    I think those old Phazers are the bomb. I especially like the short track version. It is incredibly nimble, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, unless you are a large person.

    My cousin had one, then he tried to get cute and long-track it, and mess with the pipe. He wound up ruining it as far as I was concerned. A more aggressive 121" paddle might have been a better upgrade.

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    Maybe someone here could help you.

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    Thanks for the link, I'll look into it. As far as getting the rear shock off, it turns out that the idler wheel bearings were just being stubborn and were sticking to the cross shaft. A few taps with a dead blow and everything came apart pretty easily. I got it all back together last night, and the ol' girl is now race ready!

    I appreciate everybodies help!


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