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Thread: Float Hunt On The Nimi

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    Sealing the deal on a float hunt on the Nimi in Mid Sept...Backcountry rentals and NW Aviation...anyone have any experience on the Nimi, any advice on gear i will need? Lookin to fill a Grizz tag also.
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    not sure of the "Nimi". If your using NW Aviation I'm assuming your going up the Noatak?

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    Nimiuktuk.........a tributary of the Noatak.
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    Thumbs up Nimiuktuk...

    Thats where he is going Martentrapper. I was in contact with him earlier. He has a great trip planned up in the Noatak Preserve. I am going to be on a nearby river myself.

    For gear, I like MSR for stoves, water filter, and cookset. Good stuff. The Whisperite International is great white gas stove but a pain to preheat in high wind. I am taking a MSR Wind Pro this year. Mail up the isobutane cannisters about a month ahead of time. The bush pilots are used to receiving packages like this. They are way too convenient. Fires right up and you can simmer with them if you want. The Mini Works water filter is what I have used on last three floats. Perfect filter in my opinion. Below are a few general recommendations of gear I have tested out and found to be excellent.

    Cabelas Boundary Waters sleeping bags are great. Roomy, warm, packs super small, and weighs 2-3 lbs depending on the model. I got zero degree long and it weighs 3 lbs! At 6'6" 310 lbs, I am not used to being comfortable in a sleeping bag. Especially not one that weighs less than lunch. Comes with high quality compression dry bag too. Check out the numbers on this bag...

    Black Diamond Guiding Light tent is best I have ever used.

    For securing the tent, use mesh bags to fill with rocks. "Rock bags" are the deal. Forget the stakes. Too hard to use in the gravel up that way. The rock bags do a much better job. Just tie a simple overhand knot onto the guy out loop of the tent corners with the drawstring of the rock bag. I find six bags perfect for holding the tent tight as a drum. Used in 30+ mph winds, I can attest they work. At Campmor, they sell about 4 sizes. I use a large duffle bag size to hold my fly rods/reels/sunglasses/stove/lunch/etc.. so it will be easy to access while I am floating. No more digging out crap all the time. I use the 15"x22" for the tent. Best $5 you can spend.

    MSR Parawing gets you out of the rain without sending you to the tent and makes for a perfect cook shelter. Only 7 lbs and it is huge. It will be going on all my future trips. Got too much use out of it on the last two trips to ever leave it behind. Best price by far is at a store on Ebay. Got mine here...

    Wetfire and the strikers by the same company are of the highest quality. Great products.

    Outdoor Research makes the best dry bags I have used. Comes in about 6 sizes. We stuff these in our backpacks or duffle bags. 100% waterproof after over 30 days on Alaska float trips. Great bags and weigh nearly nothing.

    Do you like to eat? Learn to use an aluminum dutch oven. Ours weighs only 3.5 lbs and I could not imagine leaving it behind. We have fresh garlic biscuits with our grayling gumbo (Zatarains gumbo mix and grayling cut into slithers). We have hot cornbread with our chilli. We get two bags of "Darn Good" chilli, two pounds of dehydrated hamburger, and tomato paste in tube to make a great chilli. The cornbread is Jiffy. Being from North Carolina, what did you expect. Krusteaz will work the same for you west coast boys. We find the bread makes the meals so much better. Tons of other ideas/deserts could be done in the dutch oven. We find it takes 1.75 lbs of charcoal per baking event in cooler weather.

    I find windproof fleece worth its weight in gold!
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