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Thread: Seward Goat Hunting

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    Default Seward Goat Hunting

    Can anyone provide me with some good information about hunting goats
    out of Seward. I am most interested in terrain, access points from a boat, and know population densities. I would appreciate anything you can share with us about this topic.

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    Question Permit hunt?

    Did you draw a permit or are you looking for info on a registration hunt? If you drew a permit, what number did you get?


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    Default Seward Goats

    Both Lost Lake and the Resurrection Peninsual are good places to hunt goats. Don't count on a RG for Lost Lake. My hunting partner and I each have DG for that area, so it's already down two billies. My other partner has a DG for Resurrection Peninsula, so that area is down a billy.
    There weren't any Kenai RGs last year, if I remember correctly.

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    Default plenty

    There are plenty of Res. Penn goats so no need to worry if you have a DG
    Best bet would be hire a boat transporter for drop & pick up.
    Like Steve said there weren't any RGs last year & possibly the last two yrs if I remeber right


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