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Thread: RMK icing up

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    Default RMK icing up

    Any tips to stop icing up issues? mainly in this -20 and colder.
    Isoheet? fuel filter? etc..

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    The isoheat in the red bottle works very well. I use 1 bottle per tank, never let me down. I'm sure there are other ways, but I think the iso is the most common. Fresh gas helps too.

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    Are you getting carb ice or frozen fuel lines? Typically carb ice is a result (in my experience) of sucking in that really light powder snow when the temp is below -10 or so. Only fix I have found for that was to let the engine idle for a while to warm up the engine compartment and melt the ice. To prevent further carb ice, block off the vent openings in the cowling and keep the air intake filter free of snow on those cold powder days.

    For fuel lines, the red Iso-heet is the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKmud View Post
    ...block off the vent openings in the cowling and keep the air intake filter free of snow on those cold powder days.
    x2! Out with some friends the other day and the wife was on a Trail RMK 550F and it was doing great until we got into the swamps where the snow came up through the cowling vents (this sled didn't have any vents, just open holes to the engine compartment). Sled iced up immediately followed by a frozen throttle cable. I had to drive it out and had either nothing or full throttle, which can get kinda tricky through the trails!! We shoved some big mittens in a few of the holes and a while later, I got my throttle back and by the time we got back to the trucks, it was running better. Cover those vents!! Thats the beauty of the newer 'doo's...turn on your carb heat and you're done!


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