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Thread: Leica vs. Swaro for sheep

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    Default Leica vs. Swaro for sheep

    Looking to upgrade from mid range glass to the good stuff for the coming sheep season. Gotta see dem sheep clearly to know if the lamb tips reach where they need to or if the old boy is broomed or just worn to round tips. I have good binos (Leica) and it is time for the spotter to be of similar quality. All the forum searches have been done, but it is always nice to hear new voices or old voices with new opinions.


    Without getting into the buy the best glass you can dialogue, I'm curious about opinions of folks that have and the Swarovski and Leica spotters in side by side IN THE FIELD comparisons. Definitely planning on the German glass but have never had the opportunity to put the two side by side IN THE FIELD to see how they compare.

    Any opinions of those in the know are appreciated. Some general topics to consider are...

    •low light
    •guarantees and customer service when necessary
    •most anything else you think might be worth sharing

    My thanks in advance for the posts.

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    Default Leica v. Swaro

    All my glass is Leica. When I made the switch to high quality binoculars I shose the Leica over Swaros because I could resolve a little more detail in some in-store tests. So when I upgraded my spotter I went with Leica. Brand loyalty. I have the 62 with zoom lens. It's a fantastic piece of equipment. However, last fall I was guiding a sheep hunt and one of my packers brought his Swaro 65 with HD lens. We were able to watch sheep in the field with these two spotters side by side. The swaro was significantly better than my Leica. Brighter and clearer. The Swaro had a 60 power lens compared to my 48. I could definitely use the full 60 power and it made a big difference over my 48 power. If I could do it again I'd get the Swaro. Not a perfect comparison because I was comparing regular glass to HD. That's my 2 cents.

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    I dont know if your looking for a 65 or 85 mm spotting scope but IMO the best I have looked through is the Zeiss Diascope 85 T FL. You can usually get em from Doug as a Demo and save a big chunk of change. Its 13 oz heavier than the Diascope 65 but IMO worth it. I had a Televid 62 and have looked through a Swaro STS 65 and if your not going for HD or APO glass to my eyes the Leica beats the Swaro and the owner of the Swaro agreed as well. I havent looked through any of the HD or APO glass but am guessing based on price that theres a difference. Good luck in your quest its a hoot, you'll officially search to the end of the internet and still be unsure, its a lot easier making the mid grade purchases than the mother of all glass purchases..grin

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    Default Swarovski

    You get what you pay for in Optics........ IF you can afford HD Swarovski get them. 60 or 80mm both are excellent. If you can get past the extra weight the 80mmHD is awesome. I have this spotter and and another friend has it and there are no regrets about buying them. I figure this is a one time buy and will provide good glass for the rest of my life. Long term the cost isn't so bad.....
    Gotta justify things a bit to take away some of the burning caused by the hole in my wallet........

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    Default great question

    I was wondering the same thing as I am in the same situation. I put the Leica and the Swarovski side by side in Sportsman's and I thought the Leica had the better glass. I think both were the 80's. Seems the Leica is cheaper. I wonder if anyone has the Leica, Swarovski, and Zeiss in one place for a guy to compare. I know each of our eyes are a bit different. I had a pair of steiner binoc's that I thought were good until my buddy brought out his zeiss! No comparison! I recently bought a set of pentax binoculars and they were hands down better than the steiner and $300 cheaper!

    Keep the comments coming. I am hoping to invest this summer in "one" of those spotters!

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    I have the same glass as Fullcurl (Leica 62 with 16-48x). Leica has the APO in the 62 and 77 models and they are a little crisper, however, Leica just came out with a 65 and 82 to replace the 62 and 77. Both come in APO and HD. APO out in April '08 and HD out in July '08. 3 eyepieces to chose from...20-60x zoom; 25-50x wide angle; 32x wide angle. The 20-60x will fit both just like Swaro.

    IMO the Zeiss 85 Diascope (~ $2,000 w/ 20-60x) or Leica 77 Televid APO (~ $2,500) are probably the best out there but they're quite heavy for packing. And, with the arrival of these new Leicas, I'd bet they're going to knock it out of the park and will likely go back to the top of the class of the big 3. Price for the 65 will probably be comparable to the Swaro HD w/ 20-60x (~$2,400).

    BTW, you can get the Leica 62 w/ 16-48x (non-APO) for good price right ($1,238) now at (regularly $1,795). It's not HD and 20-60x like the Swaro or new Leica but it is an awesome piece of glass and it is light for packing.

    Good Luck! (with the new 65 Leica).
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