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Thread: Elevation Turret??

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    Default Elevation Turret??

    I was contemplating sending my Leupold scope back to Leupold to have a target turret installed for quick adjustments in hunting situations (now that I have a range finder!)

    Has anyone done this, what was the cost, do you like it, thoughts, likes, dislikes????


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    I had the very thing you speak of done to a 3.5-10x40 VX-III. The concept is awesome and it does work very well. I never got to use it this past year as all shots I made were inside of 150 yards. I swapped the scope out for a VX-III 2.5-8x36 just because I wanted a more compact package on my Kimber.Heres a pic of mine on the Kimber and also a link that goes into great detail in understanding the ease of using Turrets.


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