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Thread: Trail Report W.P.C. Willow AK. 2-07-08

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    It's been damm COLD!!!! Temps have been down to 35 below. No new snow but temps came up to 10 above during the day. All the overflow is frozen up, trails are in great shape for fast runs out to the rivers or to the power in the swamps. Nancy Lake State Park overflow is gone and it's time to get out and ride. Hatcher Pass is ready for all you highmarkers to see if you can get to the top! It's February and the trails are in, the swamps are full of powder,and the hills are calling your name! I will be out breaking in a few new trails!
    Have a great Weekend!
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    Default Maps of Willow trails

    Hey Trail Boss
    Heading up that way this weekend, are there maps available of the trails? and where
    would I pick one up?


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