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Thread: Problems with Arctic Cat Reverse

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    Default Problems with Arctic Cat Reverse

    I bought a 2004 arctic cat 400 last year and I have had a problem with the reverse on it. The thing doesn't have enought power to back itself up the slightest incline. Hopefully this is just something that can be fixed but maybe no. Anyone know a fix?

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    Does the AC have a rev limiter on it? My Prairie has one that only engages in reverse but there is an over-ride button. I actually did a reverse wheelie when I punched the button one time while leaning the wrong way according to bystanders.
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    Yeah should be a little button by your left hand will override rev limiter in reverse and open up top end going forward

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    Is it a manual or automatic? Only the autos have the override button. Also the 400s dont have a low range reverse, a big reason I went with the 500.

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    Smile AC. 400 Reverse

    The 400 semi auto Arctic Cats and Suzuki Eiger 400 semi auto's do not have a low range reverse. The new 2006-2007 Cats came out with lower 4.10 gears in the differential, (the older ones were 3.6) this should help. I have a 2003 and I need to jump off and push when in a bad spot. If you know your limitations you can work around the lack of reverse power. I think the new 400 AC is the best looking ATV and with the locking diff. and new lower gearing it should be almost unstopable.


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