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    Could any of you post a photo or two showing this Hoosier just how dipnetting is done?? I have been wondering and I looked through the files on here and found one pic and it looked like a machine set up in the water!! Just curious on how its done!! Thanks!! Mark T

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    That's a fish wheel.

    I always plan to take pics, but the families so busy taking care of fish, no time for pics. This year would have been good with slow fishing, but our camera died on our vacation.

    I think on the Anchorage Daily News archives there are some pics of dipnetting.

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    Do a search on the internet and you will find plenty.

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    A member posted a link a while back to his picture page, there were some real nice pictures from Chitna and dipnetting, also was a video clip to show the fast boiling water.. check it out, I think the dipnetting photos / video is on page 2,


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