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Thread: New sheep permit DS165 and DS265

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    Default New sheep permit DS165 and DS265

    Please enlighten me for I am a little confused here, the new permits for this year DS 165/265 are now draw, I went to the F&G website and of course the maps are not out yet for those new permits, However, from the boundry description of those permits it goes just up to the Richardson HWY (west of it) so what that is telling me that the "Tonsina Walk In Area" in 13D is still general harvest area for sheep Right?...please correct me if I'm wrong......CK

    Also, is the "Tonsina Walk in area" gonna have a late season REGISTERED goat hunt this year? just curious, incase I don't score on the Island.

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    Kahahawai, no worries bud, you should do good on Kodiak.


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