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    Default all alaska outdoors

    I recently booked a trip will all alaska outdoors in june. It will be our first trip to alaska. Has anyone fished with them and know if there guides are any good?

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    Default All Alaska Outdoors

    Though I haven't fished with them, I fish near them quite often. Their Kenai guide, Monte, is one of the best.

    Good luck,

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    Default Seward segment

    I think if you decided on a saltwater trip in Seward you will be fishing with Hill Norvell on the One Day. This is a brand new boat last year and Hill has been around a while and knows what he is doing. You should do well.

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    Default All Alaska Outdoors Guides

    Last summer, my cousin and I fished with AAO, did a fly out to Wolverine Creek for reds, silvers, and bears, and Kings on the Kenai with Scott. A great guide. We have fished with Scott for many years and he knows the Kenai.

    This won't let me post pictures so I can't show Scott or me and Eric with our Kings.

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    Default AAO on Kasilof

    Has anyone used them for kings on the Kasilof? If so, half day, full day, or extended day? I'm trying to plan my first trip to Alaska for late May/early June and am looking for advice on Kasilof trips. Bob's Piscatorial Pursuits and Mike Wheat have also come recommended on this board (which by the way is amazing!). PM's would be great. Thanks!!!


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