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    Default Wet Weather Gear

    Over in July for 3 weeks fishing and unsure if to take or just buy the wet weather gear when we are over ...can anyone recommend where to buy in Soldotna and what make ...will be mainly boat fishing


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    get grundens or guy cotton... Not sure were to get them in soldotna B&J commercial in Anchorage
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    Default wet weather gear

    Are you fishing from a river boat or out in the salt? Grundens are the way to go out on the open water. But may be too heavy for all day on a small boat. Helly Hansen Makes some great lighter weight stuff. Also, If you are on rivers all day, a good pair of breathable chest waders and good wading boots with a small rain shell that can be stuffed into a pack is a smart way to go. Greater mobility, less weight, and if you need to hop in the water, you can get in to it deeper than your knees. There is a hardware store in soldotna that sells fishing gear. I don't remember the name of the place, but ask anyone in town there and they will know.

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    Trustworthy hardware or Sweeney's both carry decent raingear, both in Soldotna.

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    many thanks for the info ...will check the web for prices


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    Default Rain gear

    I spend the summer on the Kenai, regardless of the weather. I am typically decked out in gore-tex, but I must say that there are some days that nothing short of rubber (i.e. grundies or Hellies) will keep you reasonbly dry.

    Buy the best that your budget can afford whatever you get...

    If you are going to spend any time whatsoever in the mud, avoid the gore-tex!!!

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    Default "Gore Tex is great!"

    But rubber is dry. Especially in a boat on the cold ocean with apparent wind working against you.

    Also, rubber is a lot easier to clean fish blood and scales out of: just go fishing again.

    Don' forget the Xtra Tuffs. They stick to boat decks instead of sliding around like Lacrosse or Cabelas rubber boots.


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