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Thread: sizeing up antlers

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    Default sizeing up antlers

    reading another post asking for help on moose hunting saw a post that hit close to home and that was seeing under sized moose laying dead.i have seen this too and it is ugly,so lets get out all the way's we judge a legal bull,for the most part there is a 50 inch restriction on non res hunter's or three brow tines and remember thats not the case for all area's so check the reg's or call advise is when in doubt scope the tine's for most big boy's will have the number needed and the best advise is if really in doubt don't pull the trigger.also if you happen to mis judge by a inch or so harvest the meat and turn it in,it will go a long way for many and the court should go light as you show it was an honest mistake and you took care of the meat

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    fish and game has a pretty good video on judging legal moose
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