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    Just moved into town from Colorado a couple weeks ago. I'm looking for a backcountry partner/s to go skiing with. I can't just stare at the mountains from Anchorage any longer. Let me know if you wanna make some turns or if you would mind a new guy tagging along with your group.

    - Jim

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    I'm game! I'll be sucking wind, as I haven't been active as much as I would like so far this winter. But if you don't mind me moving just a bit slow on the skin up, I'd be happy to hit the backcountry with you. This weekend doesn't work for me, but otherwise I'm up for it.

    I assume you have a beacon, shovel, and probe? If not, I have an extra set as long as you know how to use them.

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    I'm looking for a skiing buddy too.
    And I guess a tutor would be fine too.
    I'm new in the sport and I really love it.

    the way you's just the way you are
    cross country skiing is a skiing terms I hate.


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