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Thread: Wrangle Mountains Sheep

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    Default Wrangle Mountains Sheep

    I was thinking about planning a sheep hunt for '09 and this Wrangle Mtns. crossed my mind. Of course a fly-in would have the best success, buy do people typically hike in and do very well. I suppose calling the biologist out of Glennallen would be my best bet for sheep densities. Anyone done this hunt and have any suggestions?

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    Sorry dude, but I have to say what I'm sure a lot are thinking.
    What kind of mountain man are you talking about the "Wrangle" mountains.
    I am joking, couldn't help myself.
    Yeah a call to F&G would be a good first move. You should call the Wrangell St. Elias Park headquarters too.
    Sheep hunters are very tight-lipped, so you might not get a whole lot of help here.

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    Default Probably not the Wrangells

    Look more toward Nuzotins.

    North Wrangells will be crawling with hunters.

    South Wrangells in the preserve are difficult to get to and numbers are down.

    Good luck.

    I hear the Western Alaska Range is coming back. Maybe that is why many Wrangell Mts. guides are setting up shop in that direction.

    Central Alaska Range seems to be starting to come along to.



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    Boy I dont think that anyone could say that the Wrangells are known for being accessable to walk in hunting. In fact they would be my last choice for a walk in hunt. If you do talk to people clarify that you are not talking to a resident of that area as they do have walk in areas that are very productive as they are able to hunt in the National Park...true story! The rest of us may hunt the preserve which is not as road accessable. Good luck.
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