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Thread: New quail gun!

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    Default New quail gun!

    Ifen a feller opened up on a covey of quail with this scattergun even the most seasoned dogs would become gun shy!

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    Default Scattergun

    Got a buddy with 2-12 ga. 1100 Remingtons welded together. 1 left handed , 1 righthanded. It outdoes this gun except in full auto. Firing 2 rounds at a time and holds 10 rds without the mag extensions, and no bulky drum.
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    Holy Moly. Wow. I swear if i see some clown walking down the river with one of them im just diving in. LOL wicked weapon for sure
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    I don't think there is a game bird alive that could survive this thing. Kinda like the old shot cannons they used to use for commercial duck hunting, only you can actually shot this one from the shoulder.
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