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    I been using these bullets for years but untill recently Nosler would not ship them to me in Alaska. So I would have them shipped to a lower 48 relative who would then repackage them in a USPS flat rate box and send them to me.
    Couple of weeks ago I noticed they lowered there price on the 180 gr 30 cal partitions to $11.95 a box. I placed an order for 20 boxes and in the remarks section I asked them if they could please make me avoid the hassle of having them shipped twice.
    Low and behold they listened to me and shipped all 20 boxes to me with the USPS flat rate boxes for a shipping charge of only $9.60. Sometimes companies do listen.
    By the way, if you like Noslers these seconds are the way to go. I absolutely can not detect any differences in performance or looks from there other bullets.
    $12.43 delivered for a box of 50 180 gr Partitions is a bargain in anyones book!

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    Good news!

    I can't imagine it would be that much different today at Nosler, but back in the 60's (yeah, I'm THAT old) we used to pick up bulk seconds in 10 pound bags right at the Sierra factory. That's a whole, whole lot of 52 grain bullets in one bag! Almost every time we went there we were invited in to watch the operation.

    The bullets were going by on little conveyor belts, and their quality folks were doing two things. While visually inspecting, if they saw a defect bullet they'd knock it off the line along with about 20 in front of it and twenty behind. Then they'd grab the next few bullets and and weigh them. If any of them had problems too, they'd shut down the line to solve it. Every time a machine was shut down, a whole lot of bullets would get dumped too.

    Even when things were going right, every few minutes they'd pull twenty or so bullets from the line and weigh them to keep tabs on everything.

    Basically none of those bullets that came off the line ever went on into boxes. They went into bins for disposal.

    We were using them for long range varmints and matches. We'd do a visual inspection (kinda like sorting dry beans, if any of you are old enough to have done that) to get rid of the obvious flawed bullets. Everything else was at least good enough for varmints. From those we'd weigh a bunch any time we had a match coming up and select the closest in weight for practice and match shooting. Lots of matches were won using those Sierra "seconds" back in the 60's and 70's.

    We just weren't smart enough to buy premium bullets, I guess.

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    Default Nosler seconds or Sierra seconds

    OK...this may be a dumb question, but can the public still buy the Sieera seconds directly from the factory? If so, how would I contact them?

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    No clue. Haven't done it in 30 years. Check their site, and I bet it's there if you can.


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