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    I know of a trainer here in the valley who trains dogs in the ponds behind the gas plants out by burma landing. The trainers dogs all have problems breaking teeth looseing hair and other medical problems. I guess the ponds smell like natrual gas I don't think it would be any healthier to go swim in a pond near a nuke plant.
    If anyone gets a new pup make sure where your trainers going to bring them to train!
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    Yes, we all need to be aware of where our dogs swim!! Do you mean the "stink ponds" behind the natural gas pumping station off Ayershire Road & by the State prison farm? If so, they don't smell any worse than most of the other ponds at Pt. MacKenzie. They all seem to be surrounded by "ground" that's a mat of floating, rotting vegetation. Usually try to clean the gunk off the dogs at Carpenter Lake when down there. Granted I don't train or live there, but have run dogs/judged hunt tests & field trials down there for 16+ years & haven't heard the local folks mention these kinds of problems. What does this trainer's vet have to say? Just curious.


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    I agree with 3CBRS, we all need to be aware of hazards in the field before training our dogs anywhere. Walk over it carefully yourself.
    Us "trainers" pro or not take the highest compassion for the dogs he/she is training. It is a athlete - trainer relationship. One cannot function without the other. It is our responsibility to take care of them.

    I too have trained there and ran sanctioned test there. The odor you smell is from the natural gas mixing station that is nearby there. I only train there during June for the test that occur there. After that I move to other areas. That particular pond is shallow on the back side. As the dog swims through there feet kick up the bottom. As all of us know when that stirred up mud breaks the surface it has an odor. That also is what you could be smelling. It is the same smell you get when you walk through the marsh when duck hunting. As you walk your feet sink into the mud stirring up the muck underneath. It stinks.
    I've never had issues with bad water. Hard charging dogs tend to break there teeth when they plow there mouth into the ground when they pick up the bird or bumper while running. They just never actually stop. They just snatch it while on the fly. Trust me I've got one of my own. He's had three teeth pulled because of it.
    There may be other health or genetic issues to consider as well. Allergies also can be a culprit for hair loss.
    I feel that even if this trainer switched ponds there won't be any change.

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    I talked to my buddies out at Enstar.
    That particular site is a gas injection pad.
    They inject into the gas line an odor so that we can detect it when there is a leak in the line. Without it we would have a harder time detecting it. It's more for safety.

    At that pond,.... that is the odor we are smelling. The odor that they are injecting into the gas line.


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