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    Default September fishing

    Planning to fly out to Anchorage from Boston in the beginning of Sept with my father to do some fishing and sightseeing. He has never been to AK so really want to show him a good time. How is the salmon fishing this time of year around Anchorage down to Seward/Kenai/Russian rivers? Thanks Nathan

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    Default September

    September is a little late for salmon runs up here. I have caught Silvers out of Whittier as late as October, but only rarely. The Rainbow fishing is unbelievable that time of year though.

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    Default Sept. fishing

    The majority of the salmon fishing is slowing down in september, but the rainbow trout and char fishing should be really hot. They will follow the salmon into the rivers and be goarging themselves on all the salmon eggs.

    There will still be some Silver Salmon fishing to be had around the Seward area, Kenai River and other Kenai Peninsula streams.

    There will be great roadside fishing options for trout and char in the Kenai river and all the small tribs leading into Kenai Lake. Egg patterns and flesh flies are the best bets.


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    Default I humbly disagree...

    The second run of Silvers will be to the Kenai by the second week of September!! These are generally larger fish, upwards of 18-20 pounds. The Kenai is very peaceful in September as well.

    This was September 4 last year on the Kenai. By the way, we also landed (and released) a king salmon that day!!!

    This was also the first week (I believe the 7th) of September in 2006.

    As you get to the end of the month things will definitely slow down but will still be productive even way into October.

    Another great thing about September fishing is the fact that the pinks have made their run and will not interfere with the silver fishing as much... that could also be considered a down side because the catching is much easier with the pinks.

    The rainbow fishing will be excellent in September on the Kenai as well.

    There are a variety of options for fishing in early September on the Kenai Peninsula.

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    Kodiak they are just starting to make their way into the rivers. Usually our best timing for Kodiak is around the 8th of September.

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    the russian fish are pretty full at that point and so the fishing is pretty hard. But the Anchor should have steelhead, kodiak will have silvers, the valley if not blown out will have good trouting.
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    Twenty Mile River near Portage, Portage Creek and the other creeks and sloughs in and around Portage Glacier turn off are full of BIG Silvers in September and October. Very few fish for them, as hunting takes precedence in that time period. I am sure you will sightsee Portage, so take your pole along that stretch. The creeks are also loaded with Dolly Varden at that time.

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    Default Yippy-Yo-Ki-Yay!

    That's the message you'll be screeching if you make the Kodiak trip in mid-September. Absolutely, Shawn knows what he talking about...

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    Thanks for the info everyone. I lived in Dutch and Kodiak in 01 and 02 but am now back east. My father lives in Vermont and I have always wanted to take him to AK on a fishing trip and sightseeing tour. Nate


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