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    Default Fuel consumption

    Does any one know With personal experience what the differance is in fuel consumption between the yamaha 115 4 stroke and a evenrude 115 4 stroke, it would be going on a 21 sea runner hard top thanks

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    Default boat-specific info is going to be pretty tough, BUT:

    A direct comparison between the two might be achieved through looking at the 1/2 throttle and wide-open throttle fuel consumption data. I know that Tohatsu has WOT data for the 115hp at 12.0g/hr... So you know that you would be burning less than that...I'd be that these two engines are so darn close that you'll burn more time here talking about differential fuel consumption than anything else...


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    The evinrude 4 stroke is a Suzuki so look at that companies performance reports.

    My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have a 19' NR Seahawk softtop with the 115 on it. They get like 7MPG on that boat which is phenominal!!!

    I have friends with 22' Hewescrafts Sea Runners, one with a Suzuki 140 and the other with a Yamaha 150 (3.5MPG) who complain about not enough HP at times when loaded. I think you wouldn't be happy with only 115 on a 21 HT...


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    I didn't think Evinrude (BRP) made a 4-stroke 115 hp, only their ETEC. And Johnon's (BRP's) 4-strokes only go up to 25 hp. Maybe I'm wrong, or you're talking about an older/used Johnson/Suzuki 115 (which is a great outboard)?

    In my opinion, Yamaha's F115 is one of the best, most durable and reliable outboards ever made for Alaska. I can't imagine passing one up for an Evinrude, even if economy was a little less.

    My F115 has 500 flawless hours on it pushing my 22 1/2' X 9 1/2' ATEC with a 15 pitch load prop. If I'm not going WOT at 34 mph, I'm usually idling it for hours. Cruising at 28 she seems to literally sip fuel. I am constantly amazed at how well this outboard pushes such a large craft.

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    Default 07 Suzi 115

    I have a Suzi 115 on a 24' Tolman. Light weight boat. Last summer when measured on a trip with 4 adults and 2 large dogs with full fishing gear, I averaged about 4.7 - 5 MPG. This was at a cruising speed of about 20 - 22 mph. WOT was 30 mph, but I am a little underpropped and would hit the rev limiter so I kept it backed off. I might be a little uderpowered but the price was right and the mileage isn't to bad. I am not going to win any races but I managed to get fish blood all over it.
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