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Thread: Any Trad Bowhunters that Drive a Cub

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    Default Any Trad Bowhunters that Drive a Cub

    Looking for Trad bowhunter(s) with a Cub(s) to partner up with for adventure and to share hunts through out the state. Been going solo for years and will continue to go solo but it's sure is nice to have a partner and two Cubs in camp. Thought I would have come by someone with that combination by now but it seems to be a rare combo. Have had a few instances in the last few years with Bears,Cliffs and butchering Moose in thick brush by myself, that are making me look a little harder for a partner. If any out there are interested. Please PM me. Thanks

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    Flying is something I'd love to do, but until I hit the lotto it wont happen anytime soon. Have the ground school tapes from a buddies dad and considered using my GI bill college fund to help pay for it.

    But if you're ever looking for a partner, I can pull my share!

    And yes I'm a stickbow guy, have been for 17 years now.

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    I hunt only with a stick bow, but no plane. I do hunt solo here and there. It's tough finding stick bow shooters within the state to hunt with. Again no plane, but I'm always looking to share some hunts.

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    amen to the partners Chuck! Finding a good one is harder then finding a sole mate or so it seems.


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