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Thread: underwater cameras

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    wasilla ak

    Default underwater cameras

    does anyone have a prefrance between a camera that looks like a fish and one that dosnt?

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    mine does. do i know if it makes a diference no. but i do think it does effect the fish. I have had fish bump the camera many times and have had a couple times where It seemed like the bigger fish were scared away by it but as we all know with fishing there is no way of knowing what caused the big fish bight to slow down. I dont like to use it unless i want to see what the botoom looks like where i am fishing or if i am have good action but not landing fish to see what is down there.

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    i really dont think it matters either. I have seen some guys who go as far as to fasten faux weeds onto the cable a few feet up from the camera lens..... they're only fish lol.


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