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Thread: 264 Win Mag loads?

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    Default 264 Win Mag loads?

    Just got myself a NIB Rem Sendero in 264 WinMag (little tax refund present too myself ) but dont have any loading experience with this round. I plan on using it as my long range deer thumper here on a couple farms that need weeding out.

    I am mainly interested trying the new 140gr Berger VLD but am open to others as well.

    Does anyone have any experience with this round and loading for it?

    Thanks for the help-Tim
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    I don't own one now, but all the years I did the hot combo was a Nosler partition over a hot charge of H4831. I'd be looking at R21 or R25 for powder now, but probably stick with the Nosler. You're planning on long shots with that Berger, but it will make lotsa hamburger any time the range shortens. Noslers will take care of short range hamburger problems while shooting flat and performing very well on game about as far as you'll be shooting them. I'm not down on Bergers (or of the other non-premiums) for long range work, because I'm sure they will all hold together as velocity drops with range. But they sure come apart at closer ranges.

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    Default Brass and dies for 264WM

    if you need some brass/dies for this caliber, let me know. i have about 100 rounds of WW 264 brass, let em know if you want them plus some bullets and dies.

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    Default .264

    I have my dad's pre-64 Mod. 70 .264 mag. in my gun safe. It is all he used in Alaska. H4831 and 140 gr. Noslers. He does not remember the powder charge. When I finally take it caribou hunting I will probably look to a manual for some RL 25 data with a 140 Nosler Partition. Maybe Murphy will post some info on it.

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    Default 26" barrel

    With the 264 WM you need a 26" barrel, which the Sendero has I believe. I worked up some loads for a Winchester 264 WM of my buddies with a 24" tube and had a heck of a time getting it up to velocity. My 6.5-284 was easily out performing the 264 WM with most powders. I ended up with a full charge of H4831 and 140 grain Nosler's. It's faster than my 6.5-284 with the H4831, but not by much. I would really like to work with one with a 26" barrel. Post your results if you would, I'd be interested in your results.


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    I have a .264 Win Mag, in Ruger M77 MKII, 23" factory bull barrel, with Timney trigger, Bell and Carlson stock, glass bedded, it is a tack driver with IMR 4831, 60.3 gr, using Sierra GKBT 140 grain bullets, OAL 3.215. Also, I have used same powder load with Sierra PH 160 grain round nose bullets, OAL 3.075 and with both loads I am under MOA at 200 yards.

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    Thumbs up H4831

    264 Win

    140 Nosler Part
    62.5 of H4831
    WLRM Primer
    WW cases

    3.34" COL

    Had one years ago a Win 70.....for the lower 48.


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