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    Anyone else making their own accoutrements and loading gear for muzzleloaders?

    This is kind of a "pimped out" loading block I made for my 32. The strap lets me hang it around my neck and keep four reloads handy for quick use. I use these with all my different rifles, and they're really handy. The others are either strapped to or in my bag, so this is the first to hang around my neck.

    It's a test drive of techniques for another I plan to make later. The wood is maple with a quick stain and tung oil finish. The amulet is carved from the base I cut off a horn to make a powder horn, and the hair is blackbear.

    The next one I make is going to have the hair ringing all around it, and the wood will be fancy. I'll probably use the same or a similar amulet, but the thong will be better leather than the current boot lace.

    What do you think? Or is this a sign that cabin fever is worse than ever this year?
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    I think that's pretty cool! Nice work.
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    Great Job! If cabin fever is required for such work maybe we ought to welcome it instead of cursing it.

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    Thanks to both of you.

    I guess cabin fever lets us do the projects we don't want to do in summer!

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    shoot I dont have time to be worked up over cabin many irons in the fire (fun projects) going on that NEED to be done yesterday! That definatly is neat lookn.


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