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Thread: Ketchikan USFS Cabin Fishing Hiking with my son

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    Default Ketchikan USFS Cabin Fishing Hiking with my son

    I'm attempting to deposit a love of outdoors/fishing/hiking (bushwacking is OK) into my 14 year old son. I've looked at Jordan/Heckman Lakes and Wilson Lake systems.

    1. Get my son catching some kind of salmon/trout
    2. Wilderness experience
    3. Be able to explore and have a sense of adventure

    Timing: 1st half of August.

    Wilson seems to top the list for fishing, but is it even feasible thinking we can hike/bushwhack around the 'Narrows' cabin or perhaps hike up the valley at the inlet of the lake?
    If we use the USFS boat with a small outboard engine - can we go down the Wilson River at all and be able to get back up the river? Is it full of sweepers near the lake?

    Has anyone tried to hike from Jordan to Emma Lake, and if so, fished Emma?

    Thanks for any insights -

    P.S. I'm open to looking at other cabins.

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    I've never fished Emma, have always gone in the other direction up Heckman. Sounds like fun.

    Wilson is an excellent fishing lake, if I remember correctly there are large falls right at the mouth. You couldn't take the FS skiff down, maybe a rubber raft would work.

    Heckman is fair for fishing, nice cabins either end of the lake and good fishing on the inlet and down the river towards Jordon.

    Don't know if this helps.


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    Heckman is a great place to go camping and fishing. There is a lot of hiking, you really can't take a boat up or down the river, trees have fallen and blocked the path and beavers helped with the rest. If you hike down, you can go to Naha which is also awesome fishing. Record breaking trout are caught in that area all the time. You can also find freshwater mussels for dinner off the rocks of the lake. That is one of the nicest USFS cabin setting I have stayed in. Don't count on a motor for the boat unless you bring a kicker, it is oars only.

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    Default Karta

    If you wanted to take a float plane or something I would highly recommend the Karta River of Prince of Whales. Beautiful river, lots of cut throats, and a red salmon run. It is a short hike from the lower cabin to the upper cabin. The lower is by salt water and the upper is in a mountain lake with another behind it you can hike to.

    There is also a native carving of a bear in a rock by the point at the saltwater cabin. I believe USGS would have info on it, it's supposed to be pretty ancient from what I know of it.

    Lots of fun, very pretty and it's off the beaten path, wouldn't expect to see anyone there. Spent a week there early on in the season 2 years ago and only saw 2 guys working on the trails for the feds (if I recall). We boated in from Ketchikan and that's how alot of the traffic gets there but a float plane could get into the upper lake easily. They have a small row boat there as well.
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