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Thread: Where's Murphy?

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    Default Where's Murphy?

    Did Murphy sneak off to the SHOT Show?

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    Unhappy SHOT Show Blues......

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    Did Murphy sneak off to the SHOT Show?

    No!. Dadgummit! I've been stuck here all winter and had a heck of a time getting the brass monkey unfrozen to bring him in last night.

    Everybody I know went to the SHOT show. I went to see my buddy here in town, who owns a gun shop, just to get an FFL from him to mail off to a guy I'm buying a gun from...he's at the shot show.

    I got a call on my cell phone last week from a friend of mine, a PH from South Africa. He want to link up and talk about my buffalo hunt, he wanted to know where I was, I said Fairbanks. He said when you coming down? I'm not! What? Maybe next year...hello....hello......

    I called every gunsmith in the lower 48 to talk about my new rifle, I need someone to build my rifle....ah, he's at the SHOT show and won't be back in until...... The same thing all week long, everybody I called.

    I called bullet makers to order bullets....I called brass makers to order brass......I called stock makers to buy a stock.......I called old friends at Ruger and Dakota and everybody was at the SHOT show. I almost called my mother but if I had found out she was at the SHOT show without me I wouldn't have been able to take the news so I didn't call. Sorry mom!

    So.....everybody I know was at the SHOT show.......but not old Murphy. I feel like Sid the family migrated without me, again ......they do this every year!

    This week promises to be better. I was able to link up with a local smithie yesterday to discuss one of my projects and that should go well. Barrels in .411" are hard to find. Dan is back this week, he'll make me a barrel.
    By now the whole McMillan family is back form the show they'll make a stock for me. Things are lookin' up.

    How are things with you, Rick?
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    Aww Murphy:

    It's rough all over.

    But, if the opportunity presents itself, I will try and get them to do the SHOT-Show in Fairbanks next time, so you won't be havin to chase all those people down.

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