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Thread: Stand for the Press

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    Default Stand for the Press

    I would like to make one of these instead of paying $70+ shipping... Anyone made something similar?

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    Hey! If I look thru this empty beer bottle, I think I can see Russia from here!!!


    NO....................but that sure does look cool. Just cant be that hard to make, and it might come in handy.
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    Default Portable Press Holder

    Back in the day, I took a 2 x 6 about 2 feet long. I put two holes in one end and mounted my press on the end of the 2x6. When I wanted to reload, I just took one of my end tables, pulled the drawer out, slipped the 2x6 in the drawer and closed the drawer enough to wedge the whole mess in place.

    Worked like a champ.

    I would be willing to bet a Black & Decker folding workstand/vise thing they sell would do just as well.



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