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Thread: Nancy Lakes Trails (Report and Info?)

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    Default Nancy Lakes Trails (Report and Info?)

    Good afternoon Everyone!

    I was just curious if anyone has been out to the Nancy Lakes Trails recently? I am curious to know if there is a lot of overflow on the lakes, and how heavily the trail is being used. I have never been out that way on the trails, and think it would be a fun day trip to take the mutt on.....but I hear there are mushers running the same trails. Might not bring fido....

    Anyways, any info from folks who have been there recently and in the past would be great!

    Thanks in advance!


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    I've traversed the Nancy Lake Portages several times this season, most recently last Saturday 2/02...Big Lake to Willow. In a nutshell ALL the lakes still have overflow. I've 'seen' several holes or what look like holes...I wasn't about to stop and inspect. At 50mph +/- my lookie-lou time wasn't that long (not like the nargles on the Glen). Just long enough to exclaim "darn the bad luck".

    Several of the old timers on this forum might share specific locations of springs and other hazards to keep a weather eye for.

    The ruts can have frozen ridges, making it not smooth sailing.

    There has not been as much as expected snow machine traffic on the system...though some dog teams and Lycra clad 3 pin'ers have left their

    Moral of this is...DON'T LOLLY GAG...get on and get off...your throttle is your friend.

    PM me and I'll send you a map with the 'interesting' areas highlighted.
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