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Thread: Zeiss Warranty Issues

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    Default Zeiss Warranty Issues

    Has anyone had any issues with getting a quick turn around on Zeiss Binos? I sent in my latest pair for fogging last November, no phone calls, no e-mails, no response till last friday when I called them. I was told they were "just" sent to Germany, and it would be another 12-15 weeks. Our family has a number of Zeiss optics being used, and have never had any issues. For the money I was hoping for better service.

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    Default ask for a loaner pair

    If you need another pair, ask them for a loaner. Be sure to ask for exactly what you gave them, or, the next best model. They took a long time to fix my 10X25 and sent a pair of 10X30 Diafun when I said I was out of time and heading to the woods.
    Ended up they could not fix mine due to lack of glass for them, so we traded out on the loaners I already had. It did take a long time for them to finally come to the conclusion mine could not be fixed, which was dissapointing. But again, they did send the loaner pair expedited when I told them I had to have something immediately.

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    Default Update

    I finally got back a new pair bino's last week, they sent my fogged up glasses back to Germany I was told. I love Zeiss glass, but after this experience I will start looking more seriously at other glass, their warranty dept. leaves something to be desired considering cost and reputation.


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