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Thread: Here's one I've been waiting for!! Where's the line start?

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    Default Here's one I've been waiting for!! Where's the line start?

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    Default Oh Come On

    Man you need the 2 1/2" 454 Alaskan version. I know your into abuse.
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    Yep I want one with a 5.5 barrel.

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    Default Yeah!

    I need the 4". I like it. I want one. Crap. Why did I go to Maui and spend all that money.

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    Default 444 for me

    Too much cold weather and internet surfing. I'm ready for a RH 44 4 inch and I know my wife needs the SP101 327 Mag. Sure hope it warms up soon.

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    Good move on the 4" that length will travel easier with you and you will be inclined to use it more it is my favorite length also Elmer Keith used it about all the time (you give up nothing ) I have an Anaconda .45 Colt that I load with 325 gr cast bullet that is stoked up to power. It is the most powerful hand gun that I can fire accurately with speed and stay on target. That is my measure of a power pistol plus it must not be ported..Good Shooting

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    Default the 4"

    Stopped by the gun store today and there it was. The new Ruger 4" in .45 Long Colt. I looked at the price tag. Then I started thinking about 2 new holsters, 500 rds. of new brass, 330 grain hard cast LBT's, powder, primers and some Dillion dies for the 550B. It felt very good in my hand. I left disgusted with myself for wasting so much money when I was younger. I can't stop thinking about it!


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