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    Default back pack

    trying to decide between a cabelas pack and a bull-pacs out of idaho anyone have experience with both? i think there is something somewhere about this but have not been able to locate

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    Default Cabela's

    I have the Cabela's. It is room enough for a 3-4 day goat hunt, holding everything you need. Holding the bow takes some figuring out as they are all different sizes. Mine is 40" so probably harder to carry than most. Thee are a lot of pockets and the removable daypack sure comes in handy. My only complaint would be that I would the pack to be on a removable rigid frame that also had shoulder straps so I could leap frog meat and hunting gear if I needed.

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    I owned a Cabelas Bow pack with the 450+ waterproof fabric. Wore it on a Colorado elk hunt. One day it rained and snowed all day. I wondered why the pack felt so heavy. At the end of the day I poured water out of the pack, all my gear was soaked and it took 3 days to dry out in front of a stove. May be a good pack for desert hunting.

    I'm pleased with my Dwight Schue mega pack for big stuff and my gear stays dry. I like my Bison pack for day hunts. It's wool, quiet, and has a warter proof game bag inside. Good support with both.


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