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Thread: interesting beach hike finds?

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    Default interesting beach hike finds?

    I'm curious what other people have found while hiking along beaches. Throughout my life I've found or been with people who found fishing floats, an empty beer keg, a scattered shipment of sandals, a few handblown Japanese fishing floats, a fake machine-blown Japanese float, and miscellaneous American & Asian garbage. (The vast majority has been Asian garbage, actually.) Found a few messages in bottles too - one legitimate message sent by a highschool student as part of a science project, one advertizing the local JW church, and one wine-soaked message sent by a guy who was supposedly being held prisoner at The Hole in the Wall bar in Ketchikan.

    The most lucrative find was probably a beached boat with a nickel-plated .22 automatic in the bilge. After calling in the boat's ID#, it turned out to have been reported lost by a Coastguardsman. My dad had made the find, and the boat owner let my dad keep the gun. It still worked perfectly.

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    Most of the type of stuff you listed + whale bones, a Russian bug sray can, and probably my most unusual find an aluminum hand truck with pnuematic tires-must have washed off a boat and floated in to the high tide line.


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    Some fossilized mastadon ivory, jade, shark teeth, glass floats, a survival suit drenched in diesel that had been cut off, and a dead lion.


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