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Thread: 30 cal sabot's

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    Default 30 cal sabot's

    I just went off my bean and order a couple hundred of these for a theoretical project I have been tossing around for a few years. I have a Stevens model 325 in 30/30 with the detachable magazine that shoots great with a nice crisp trigger pull. I am going to buy a Lyman 22 cal bullet mould and cast up a bunch of 50 grain flat nose bullets out of pure Linotype (so I can also shoot them out of the Winchester 94 trapper) and set them into these sabot's and blast them down range to see how they do for a potential cheap varmint or plinking, trapping round. Any of you guys got any experience with doing this sort of thing or have any colorfull coments to add? Bring it on, I am interested to hear your thoughts. The web site claims about 3400 fps from the 30/30..............Hmmmm, Interesting!
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    Not loading my own. I've shot the factory 308 and 30-06 versions and never found a gun that would give varmint accuracy. And they were WAY too expensive for plinking. I always felt like they wanted to shoot, but never tracked down a source so I could experiment with my own loads. I like your choice of bullet, but I'm betting your best chance for good accuracy will be found in comparing standard barrel twist rates in some 22 cal rifles with the ROT in your 30-30. Find a match and look for loads that give similar velocity to those in the 22 case, and you might hit pay dirt. Idle speculation, but that's where I'd start testing.


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