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Thread: DS102 Tok Management Area

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    Default DS102 Tok Management Area

    Dream came true. I drew TMA and have access to 4wheeler and a pilot buddy who is willing to transport. I have located most of the river strips on the north side. I am trying to gather some information on productive areas, have a couple of leads, but would like more. Can anyone share info with me. Feel free to PM. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Default Congrats on the draw!!

    We know how excited you guy drew for DS102 in 2006, I just found out I drew for DCUA203....what are the odds of 2 awesome sheep tags in the same household in within 2 years????
    I am surprised no one has responded to your post. Maybe it was because when I first read your question...I, too, didn't know how to respond....Does your pilot friend know the area? Does he have a super cub? The 4-wheeler part threw me off. We usually hunt the Kenai for we are not really speaking from experience of that area(besides our 2006 hunt-and he did harvest a beautiful ram!)....
    ....but it seems to me that if you are talking about planes for transport...I'm not sure, but I think there is a mutual agreement/understanding of who lands on and uses different strips. I recomend calling Jim Cummings, Golden Eagle Outfitters (Delta)....he could answer some of your questions, or at least steer you in the right direction. He is down to earth and personal, and flies a lot of the DS102 hunters in there.
    We were dropped off at the head of the Johnson Glacier, hiked up form there, and saw nice rams up and around the corner(approx 7 miles up from the Charlie Boyd). That's where we harvested. It is not an easy climb....but it seemed a lot easier than sheep hunting the Kenai...and it sure beats dealing with Devi's club!!

    .....Good luck, and THINK SHEEP!!!

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    If you go to the Robertson Glacier area closer towards Kimball Glacier, I would gladly give you all the info you need.



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