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Thread: Archery Caribou Hunt in 2009

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    Default Archery Caribou Hunt in 2009

    I am considering an archery caribou hunt in 2009, mid to late September. I want a fly in drop camp type hunt without a guide. I would also like to be dropped in an area where I can have the opportunity to fish. Not fish for world records, just fish. Maybe some small game to supplement the diet. I would like to see some caribou but probably won't shoot one unless it is worth hanging on the wall. I want to get away from it all for about 10 days. Probably will have one other camper with me.

    Can anyone recommend an area and person to contact. I realize that bush flying is expensive. I understand the trouble in caring for meat.

    I hunted along the Kobuk acouple of years ago and caught more fish than you could ever hope for. I really don't want to be bound by hunting waterways only this time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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