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Thread: fishfinder recomendations/open skiff

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    Does anyone have any recomendations? I think my hummingbird is about to bite the dust- It has done an OK job, but the saltwater is kind of hard on it I think. Just looking for something basic, to use to 1000 feet probobly, halibut, shrimp, kenai kings, troll salmon, in southcentral AK. I dont have a problem with hummingbird-


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    It might be a bit more than you are willing to spend, but Furuno's entry level color sounder FCV-667 is one heck of a unit, and can take the salt. Dual frequency, 300 watt rms power, and built to withstand hard use.

    I look at a good fish finder the same as top of the line binoculars, you don't know what you aren't seeing with lower end gear, and top end gear can make you much more productive.


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