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Thread: DG478 on Kodiak... worth a try with a bow?

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    Default DG478 on Kodiak... worth a try with a bow?

    I'd really like to get my first goat with a bow, and want to know how the terrain is for the South Road System. I'll probably be doing a solo hunt, and could use any info on the area. I'd like to hunt late Sept./early Oct. this time around, but I might consider an earlier hunt in late August. Going to start putting together details soon, so any info would be highly appreciated.

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    yes, worth a try but I'd hunt august because the weather *might* be better. Awesome terrain up there, talked to a guy last year who got a top 30 P&Y from that hunt
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    ya about three places that hold monster goats if you feel the need to get to them, terrian ain't hard at all for goat country, you can glass from the truck and be on goats my noon time if your in shape, shoot me a pm if you want some better directions, i guide down there but didn't pull any tags this year so i'll be sitting it out.
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    PM sent, I appreciate the offer and info!


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