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Thread: Sport Fishing in the Bearing...?

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    Default Sport Fishing in the Bearing...?

    Anyone know of a good charter/outfitter who fishes the Bearing? I'm thinking of flying to Dutch in mid to late April. Before I get going with the SE Tourists in May, it might be nice to do some "real" fishing... weather permitting, of course!

    (I wouldn't mind shooting a 'boo while I'm up that way either, but we're on a short time-frame... probably 3-5 days max.)


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    You might want to give Rod Lekanof a call out in St George.

    He's got a nice little boat, and it's a short run to the fish.
    He's an Elder there, so he might show you where the reindeer are too...

    (Not much in the way of facilities in the Pribs. I've seen kids looking for work on crab boats sleeping in phone booths on St Paul.... But there's heap much fish!!)

    Good Luck!


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