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Thread: looking for hunting partner

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    Default looking for hunting partner

    I'm kinda new to bow hunting and looking for a bowhunting partner in the north pole, fairbanks area, none of my friends shoot bow so ive turned to you guys here thanks

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    I too am new to bow hunting although I have gun and crossbow hunted for many years. I am looking at doing a few trips in the next few months inbetween my ice fishing. I am leaving Alkaska in June so there are still a few things I am looking at trying. I am considering a trip up the Dalton towards Cold Foot for Caribou in the Mar/Apr timeframe but hadn't decided on anything solid yet. I have also thought about trying for Moose in 20A this month if it warms up a bit and even heading towards FT Greely for Snowshoe Hares. If you want to set something up let me know.


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