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Thread: 30 cal A-Max?

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    Default 30 cal A-Max?

    Anybody know much about the A-Max bullet? What its construction is like? Is it a varmint or match bullet or big game bullet? I see they make 180gr 30 cal, and even a 208gr and I'm kind of wondering if it is a hunting bullet. It would be used on thin skinned critters out of 300 WM.
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    Default A Max Hornady's

    The most general rule of thumb is that Hornady bullets sans crimping groove are for varmints or target work. The exception is the Interbonds.
    I've not personally used the A Max bullets on game. I did talk with a customer the other day that mentioned that he's used them on antelope and whitetails, but waits for a broadside shot in the vitals. He didn't say anything about trying to bust down shoulders or penetration. I wouldn't imagine that they'd hold together like their regular boat tail hunting bullets, which, by the way, shoot nearly as well in my rifles as the A Max.

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    The A-max bullet is primarily a match grade target bullet, i think the "A" stands for accuracy. I have no experience shooting at game with the A max, i only use them in a 222 Remington for target shooting. I believe the jacket is thin and i'm not sure if it would hold together at 300WM speeds on game or not. i would go with Accubonds or ballistic tips, basically the same bullet, except they're designed for shooting game animals.


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