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Thread: Dan Wesson AGS

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    Default Dan Wesson AGS

    I am thinking about buying one of these but I can not find one here in town to look at and I am rather concerned with it's size. Almost 12 inches long, that sounds like a lot of gun for just a back up gun.

    Does anyone have one that can give me some feed back? Does someone make a nice holster?

    thank you.

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    Default Interesting

    I'll be interested to read answers to this question. I also checked out the DW Supermag and I like it. It might be a good bet since it shoots .445 Supermag, .44 Mag., and .44 Special. Sounds versatile but .445 ammo is not easy to come by for non-reloaders. It also has the option of using spare DW barrels in various lengths. I am told that S&W 629 holsters and speedloaders work with DW.


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