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    Eberlestock J107: anyone have any pos./neg. comments??
    Might be getting one for a trip to Wyoming this fall. Good all around pack or other options?? Need a pack for 3-5 day pack in trips. Also anyone ever use it to carry a tree stand or Double bull matrix??
    I've been hearing mixed results.

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    I prefer the older model, the J105, because it weighs slightly less and has thicker shoulder pads. I haven't worn the J107 except in stores, but I carry loads on the heavy end of what an internal frame will handle well and don't think I'd want the thinner straps. The Eberlestock Just One concept is a great design in my opinion if you intend to pack in, drop off your base camp, and then hike out of it to hunt every day. I've used my J105 extensively the last two years and like it for my style of hunting.

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    I got a J104 this past fall and have not had a chance to use it for a hunting season. However, I have used it on day hikes packing around. I owned a Double Bull blind for several years and have packed them around in a couple different manners. You can certainly use a J107 to pack a Double Bull, but it'll take some messing around to get it to fit right. You might find that the blind sticks up too high out of the pack and gets in the way.

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    Thumbs up Great product....

    I got a gunslinger. Eberlestock is a great company from what I can see. I called one day asking about using the side scabbards to carry fly rods. Glen Eberlestock himself was the guy on the phone. He measure it and told me what size diameter fly rod tube would fit, then offered to custom make some larger if I needed them. What more could you ask for? The pack is 1000 cordura and tough as nails. VERY well built. I recommend this to you in a heartbeat.
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