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    How is the Marlin 45/70 Guide Gun. Also does anyone have one they would part with.


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    They've got what pretty much amounts to a cult following. They're good carry guns, but mine is not my favorite hunting lever gun by any means. If I'm wanting to hunt with a 45/70, I usually grab my Marlin 1895 instead. If I want something that launches its bullets with a lot more velocity, I grab my model 71 450 Alaskan rather than running really hot loads through a Marlin.

    My biggest beef with the Guide Gun is that straight grip. Watch anyone shoot it, and almost everyone drops it from their shoulder to cycle the action. Fast handling it may be for the first shot, but anyone dropping the butt from their shoulder is losing time fast.

    Let the cult chant begin now.......................

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    I don't consider myself part of a cult, but I have one and I like it. I carry Buffalo Bore 430-gr hard cast bullets that launch at about 1850 fps out of the 18.5" bbl. I don't prefer the straight grip, but that doesn't prevent me from cycling it from the shoulder. Brass and components are relatively inexpensive, factory ammo is good for plinking or deer hunting, then put the serious ammo in it for hunting big stuff or carrying for bear defense. Those Buffalo Bore rounds aren't fun to shoot from the bench! The recoil is quite a bit stiffer than my .338WM.

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    Well, I guess I will join Brownbear’s Cult……………But I aint gonna shave my head or wear a pink robe! Ok, seriously now…….. I do have one and like it. I wanted a short range thumper that would fit cross ways on the front of my ATV, be rugged enough for riding on the front of the ATV in the rain, snow, mud and dust. It also had to be powerful enough for close encounters with big critters. As an added bonus, I am a bullet caster and the 45/70 is obviously a natural for that. But if you are looking for ultra high quality workmanship and a silky smooth action that is really enjoyable to shoot…………then you should probably keep looking! Don’t get me wrong, they are good guns, but not GREAT guns. I look at mine like this………. It’s the perfect option for a guy that isn’t fond of shotguns with slugs. I would not intentionally hunt with either as I have more suitable guns for bonafide hunting trips. But they sure have their place in the defense role or as an easy to carry “go to” gun that rides around under the seat of your truck or on the ATV.
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    Thanks all for the input?


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