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Thread: packable raingear?

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    Default packable raingear?

    Me and my wowan are getting gear together for the chilkoot in 08 but were not sure about what packable raingear we should get. marmot red ledge orrr...
    any suggestions?

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    Thumbs up Cabelas...

    We got some good packable suits from Cabelas. We have used them on two float trips in NW Alaska with good results. The brim is weaker than I would like, but wearing a ball cap under it makes a huge difference. Very high quality and lightweight. Keeps you dry!
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    Default raingear

    I was thinking about leaving my Helly Hansen Impertech at home and taking the new Sitka Downpour jacket, only 'cause it is lighter and takes up less room in the pack...what do you think?

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    Default Sitka 90% Jacket

    I recently bought a 90% jacket as well. Love how it fits and seems to be pretty quality. That said I'm still packing my HH impertech. The jacket is only water resistant. Granted if you are only going out on a day trip than sure take just the 90% jacket. However, being that you are in SE Alaska on the Chilkoot trail for 3 or 4 days you better believe I'd be packing my impertech.

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    Yep, take the Impertech and don't look back.

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    Default southeast

    You'd better pack the good stuff! Impertech for sure!


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