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Thread: Kasilof in September

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    Default Kasilof in September

    What is the upper river like fish and drift wise during late September.
    I may take a couple of friends for a float during the last week of September and was wondering what the river is like and how the silver and steelhead fishing is at that time.

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    Water is still high and easy to navigate. Still should be mostly silvers with a few steelies. Back bouncin' bait and tossing spinners in the back water eddy's is the way to get em. Did pretty well this past year. Steelies think big beads PM me if you want reports.


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    You can pick up a few lakers near the mouth of Tustamena. They like to come into the river and eat salmon eggs. I've never gotten anything huge, but smallish decent fish. I put a gob of eggs on the bottom.


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