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Thread: june in sitka

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    Default june in sitka

    plan on fishing in mid june; anyone have thoughts on dove island lodge::

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    Dove Island Lodge is on the high side for price, but very nice, high-quality operation. Ling cod usually close June 15 out there, so get yours before 6/16.

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    I don't think I would base my trip around a 1 lingcod, 30" to 35" annual limit.

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    no I wouldnt either but you'd be amazed at how many are blah to the thought of not being able to keep them! You'll catch them and you'll likely stick a big one if you are fishign rocks for flatties. LOOOOTS of big lings out of sitka.

    Dove is nice, but like I said on another post, I havent been up TO the lodge proper. Have tied off to the doc, met the manager, taken clients out for them (once), and went out at the end of the season with a bunch of the skippers from the fleet including the dove manager. I'd definatly look into it!


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