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Thread: Early Bear Hunting

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    Default Early Bear Hunting

    Hi folks. I am new to this forum and am researching spring bear hunts. Unfortunately, my only timeframe is during mid-April (this year April 13-19) because of work. I was told that it may be possible to see bears this early on POW. I would appreciate your thoughts related to hunting bears during this timeframe, potential outfitters (I am currently looking at a DIY hunt) and locations. Thank you in advance.


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    Default all depends

    here in bristol bay,your dates can be prime for bears just leaving the den.Keep in mind that in the last few yrs weather has played a big part in getting to for this yr it looks good for a snowmachine hunt for the snow is deep in the prime locations.would not suggest going on your own in this area at that time unless you are familiar with the area.

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    A month later on POW is better, but you should still see bears. I have hunted the shoreline and over bait and can recommend a few areas around Hollis if that's your destination! Some of the biggest bears I've seen, but just about everyone of them is rubbed.



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