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Thread: Boots for hunting, tundra.....haul road??

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    Default Boots for hunting, tundra.....haul road??

    What boots would you guys use for hunting off of haul road if you had to walk the five miles to hunt?
    Gortex, rubber.....?

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    Just make sure that they provide good ankle support and are somewhat waterproof.

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    Default Depends

    It all depends on what your walking in. In some areas, 18" LaCrosse Burlys are excellent because of the water depth in the tundra. In others, a good fitting normal hunting boot will work.

    If your hunting within the five mile zone and returning to your vehicle at night take both.

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    Default Boots

    I just got back from the Haul Road and you need waterproof boots!! there is standing water all over. It is not dry like it has been in the past. if you kneel down you will get wet!!

    Good luck,


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    The Tundra up there is generally wet. You couldn't pay me enough money to do the 5 mile death march in a pair of rubber boots. Take a good quality pair of waterproof hunting boots with and you'll be fine, wear the same boots you moose hunt in.


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