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Thread: Fishing near Newhalen

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    Default Fishing near Newhalen

    I'm planning on running a basketball camp in Iliamna in late June/early July. Will the Sockeyes be in the Newhalen at that time? Is there any other good fishing in that area at that time?

    Another general question I have is how far the Kings and Silvers get in that watershed. Do they all spawn downstream of Lake Iliamna?

    Any info would be appreciated. If you're ever planning on heading down to West Michigan (where I am from) and you want to catch fish I can let you know where to go and what to do.


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    There should be a few around at that time. Peak of the sockeye run at the counting tower on the Newhalen just downstream of Nondalton was July 19-21st last year.

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    ~July 12th last summer, and again around the 15th (or so...I can't recall the exact dates)

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    Default Tazimna River

    If you meet someone with a boat while you are there you may think about checking out the Tazimna. It may be a bit early but, there should be plenty of rainbows and grayling in there, but don't expect too much as far as lunkers go.

    Also try fishing some big flesh flies, sculpins or streamers for bigger rainbows in the Newhalen River right in and just below the falls where everyone fishes for sockeye. You might just tie into a hog. I haven't tried that yet, but wish I'd have thought about last time I was in the area.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Kings and Silvers

    Unfortunately, for everything the Iliamna region offers, Kings and Silvers are not highlights.

    There are some rivers with decent coho runs in that system but that will be early for them...late July early August through early Sept there are some to be had. Kings in that system are very spotty and are often just strays from places such as the Alagnak which dumps into the Kvichak.

    But, depending on the year, there should be some sockeyes around and there seem to always be some bows and char around the Newhalen...sometimes a lot...and big. It's a gorgeous piece of water (in a place that's full of gorgeous pieces of water) The Taz is a great suggestion, but also, as long as you are that close, look into lower Talarik Creek. That's not the prime time to go there and I can look up more info for what you can expect...but there should be lots of rainbows around...just not the classic bruisers that are found there in the fall. It will take a floatplane ride, but it would be a short one and they are always fun. There is a camping area for overnighters and that time of year the bruins shouldn't be too thick. PM me for more info but as far as the Newhalen proper goes...I think Brian M has the most time on the water there and should definitely be able to give you the skinny.

    Oh, and maybe a wheel plane ride to Iguigig across the lake to fish the can rent boats there and the rainbow fishing could be pretty good...I'm excited just thinking about the options....

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    sockeye should be in by then, there might be some kings around and rainbows following them. Big streamers shoould be effective for bows
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