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    Has anyone used Alaska Bush Guides, run by Chris Carr. Thinking of a Spring Bear hunt with him, seeking any info you can offer.

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    could be wrong here, but haven't you posted this a few times already? best bet is just ask chris for a list of references and call all of them, see if he has a few references that were unsuccessfull as well, they are great to talk to as well.
    but remember everyone has different expectations going into a hunt and can be disapointed based off those...even the unrealistic ones. so wade thru all the info you get with an understanding eye.
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    I know him but have not hunted with him. I'll tell you this though, he lives the life year around, not just during commerical hunting season. He is one of the few resident guides in unit 17. Always makes me chuckle when I see spring bear hunters at the airport with their "guide" who got off the plane a week or 2 before them and leaves a day after them. If I was spending big money on a hunt I want someone who really knows the area, not some pretender from the lesser 48 who considers guiding his working vacation.


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    Default AK Bush Guides

    I'm with Brwnbr, didn't you ask this a while back?

    I've hunted moose and bou twice with Chris, if I was going for spring bear in SW AK I'd look him up. If you're not looking at going to SW check out Jake (Brwnbr), I think he guides for bear in both interior AK and Kodiak depending on timeframe...

    Chris lives in Portage Creek year round, he definitely knows the area and can get you on bears there.



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